You stumble over your chair

And give me that vacant stare

Bottles in the other room

Your Narnia, frosted tomb.

The drinks cabinet your friend

Wood, glass you know how to mend

Unlike this pallid relationship

Dead on arrival, slack and decrepit.


Cos yeah I’m pissed off at you

But you’re just fucking pissed

Stone glare, you stare right through

Finger pointing, almost fist.

Then you come up to apologise

But the sounds don’t come out right

Because they’re all still excuses

And I wonder how obtuse is

Your fogged up thought process.


I’d do anything for you.


Yeah you’d pull the trigger.

Speech is daggers, rusty blunt,

And you think love still lingers.

Well I think a bit different.

And no I’m not just saying.

I need more than your barking and braying.

Your assurance you’re right

No evidence, love lost

You’re spitting in spite

And this is the cost:

The only time you say you love me

After you tell me to fuck off.