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You make me want to go backwards
You make me want to take a breath
And just jump.
Streamline my body,
An arrow through the air
And cloak you. Protect you.
And thump.

We’d hit the ground but I’d catch it
For you. It would be in my grasp
In my hand.
And you’d wonder how
you ever, without me,
You ever brought yourself
To land.

Without me as your cloak, as your
Subterfuge. As someone who has
got your back.
Because baby
If it’s you or it’s me
I know whose head
I’d rather crack.


Can I be the coffee stain on your desk

A ring of carelessness now sunk in.

Or the mug you chipped when you washed it up

And sucked your teeth and squinted

Then put it on the rack all the same,

Because it only made it more your cup.

By becoming less, it became more.

More than the sum of its parts.


Or perhaps I could be the watermarks

Wrinkling the pages of your book, from

When you were too impatient to wait

And took it into the bath with you.

It got a frown and a hasty blot

And that was deemed enough. Because

All it really meant was it was loved.

You didn’t want to be apart.


I want to know if you think of me

When the rain it drums outside.

Because I’m sitting here all alone

And I have nothing to hide.

But then when I am with you I stop

And stare and stutter, retreat.

Then, I can’t get the words out.

But now, you see, I can’t sleep.


So I sit and I think all about you

You’re a wave, a wondrous lake

But I’m drowning and drowning, I’m not sure

If much more of this I can take.

I could though, I could hold it all

Bear it stoic, through and through.

If only I knew when the rain drums outside

You’re thinking of me too.

You stumble over your chair

And give me that vacant stare

Bottles in the other room

Your Narnia, frosted tomb.

The drinks cabinet your friend

Wood, glass you know how to mend

Unlike this pallid relationship

Dead on arrival, slack and decrepit.


Cos yeah I’m pissed off at you

But you’re just fucking pissed

Stone glare, you stare right through

Finger pointing, almost fist.

Then you come up to apologise

But the sounds don’t come out right

Because they’re all still excuses

And I wonder how obtuse is

Your fogged up thought process.


I’d do anything for you.


Yeah you’d pull the trigger.

Speech is daggers, rusty blunt,

And you think love still lingers.

Well I think a bit different.

And no I’m not just saying.

I need more than your barking and braying.

Your assurance you’re right

No evidence, love lost

You’re spitting in spite

And this is the cost:

The only time you say you love me

After you tell me to fuck off.

Your ring’s been lying under my bed for some time now.

It’s the ring you gave me after our first year together

In a loop that meant forever, if you could keep going round.

Now it’s just a silver circle and the meaning has leaked

Out of it, like a horseshoe upside-down.

I wonder where all those feelings go.

Did you lock them out, key under the doormat

Or hide it in a far safer place.

Did you torch them, pictures hot with memories

Which promised then never delivered.

Or did they just fall and you forgot to pick them up

Like your ring under my bed.

I guess I never really knew what went on

In your head. You always ran in a circle around me.


I think I’ll leave it there.



People’s faces change when you start kissing them. It’s hard to explain, but they do. You don’t realise until you look at an old photo of them, and it’s the same lips, same eyes, but there’s no knowledge in them; no experience. People’s mouths change shape when you’ve been inside them.

Yeah I love you

An empty love

One with no meaning

Not tied to a feeling

Blind, plucked dove.

Floating. Unseeing.

Yeah I love you

If that’s what love means

And there’s no trap door

Nor any hidden scenes

Then I love you, yeah

If it’s just acting out

Then I wouldn’t doubt.

But if that’s love, there

What it’s all about

Then let’s be clear,

Does anybody truly care?